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The Original Kite Runner

The Original Kite Runner$335.00

The iconic fighter kite by Basir Beria was made famous when he designed and made it for the movie “The Kite Runner.”  The one showed is the very first he made of that design and due to the amount of time and use its colors have faded – however the one you will be getting […]

Monochrome Afghan

Monochrome Afghan$80.00 Sold Out

In curvy cursive Farsi the word “Afghan” is written.  With a simple yet clear style of black on white designs.  Traditional Afghan fighter kite made with a hand carved bamboo frame. Kite Maker: Basir Beria

Bright Elegance

Bright Elegance$45.00

Traditional Afghan Fighter Kite made from hand carved bamboo and tissue paper.  Design is simple and elegant. Kite Maker: Basir Beria